A thrilling hunt

The Fallow Buck is one of the least hunted deer species, yet is one of the most thrilling hunts a hunter can experience. During the "croak", where the bucks emit a frog like noise, bucks are active all day and night and commonly engage in fights. The most aggressive deer species in New Zealand, they often damage and break antlers. 

A mature buck could have up to 25 points and have a distinct palmation to their antlers, which alter from buck to buck, making them very unique and individual. No one buck is the same!!!! 

You won't be disappointed after a fallow buck hunt!!

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Fitness Level Required
  • We can tailor the hunts to match you fitness
  • Although we will access the hunting area in our 4WD you need a medium level of fitness to pursue some stags or retrieve your trophy
Hunting Season
  • The Fallow Bucks are in hard antler from late February to August. Our most popular time is during the the rut or 'croak' as it is called in New Zealand. This takes place usually from the start of April to the end of April. Bucks can be taken outside of the "croak" as well. Being very aggressive animals, they can damage and even break antlers, so an early season buck is a great trophy.
Your Hunters Sanctuary

Our Hammer Springs property of 26,000 acres is nestled in the heart of north Canterbury and boasts some of our best fallow buck hunting. The Fallow deer have ample cover with the Spectacular high country, crystal clear mountain rivers, native bush gullies and open tussock mountain tops their homes. A successful hunt for a mature buck is both thrilling and tense, and hunters are rewarded with a fantastic trophy. 




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Fallow Buck Hunting Prices

Title Price Details
Silver (up to 210 SCI) $4,750 USD per person

1 Hunter, 1 Buck

$4,000 USD per hunter

2 hunters 2 bucks (per hunter)

Gold (over 210 sci) $5,750 USD per hunter

1 Hunter, 1 Buck

$5,000 USD per hunter

2 Hunters, 2 Bucks

All Prices are inclusive of Transport, Accomodation, Food and Drink, Guide, Rifle and all hunting fees.


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